I am very pleased to announce as of November 1st, I will be teaching from my recording studio, 51 Sounds (pandemic conditions permitting) located in Hamilton ON, as well as offering Skype and Zoom sessions.

I’ve contemplating doing this for a number of years now but I’ve never felt that I had the time to properly focus my efforts on teaching due to scheduling and not being in town as well as feeling that the timing was not quite right.

Seeing as how COVID-19 has completely changed my career schedule and as I won’t be touring or traveling to record anytime soon, I’ve spent the last few months preparing materials for this endeavour and launch.

If I could bring a fraction of the inspiration and motivation I’ve received from my teachers (both past and present) to anyone who might be interested in this pursuit, that would be amazing! I’m still mesmerized and influenced heavily by so many fantastic artists, it would be great to pass along anything I’ve learned, from either working with or by listening to and absorbing the work of so many superb examples of ‘how it’s done’.

I'm trying to keep my rates reasonable and if anyone is facing financial hardship but still wants to study, please contact me directly to discuss.

Although drums are my main platform for instruction, any instrumentation, age and non professionals alike are most welcome. My goal is to help strengthen concepts in drumming / rhythm, composition, listening, recording and studio / record production etc...

Lessons will be tailored to suit the individual based on levels of interest in various subjects and their goals or objectives.


$35 CAD / 30 minutes

$60 CAD / 60 minutes

Cheers and thanks. Let's have some fun!